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over o a thousand snchdz it pr it says stop nap from destroying thickets and using herbicides. one 1 is = lane kerney trying to keep the park natural is a failure. it's based on junk science and it's destructive and there is no oversight in this program it's a failure time and time again - >> thank you. >> ann tarnish. >> i will continue about
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1.5 million spent on nap i thought - but here i continue reading the comments only from san francisco the petition as i have understand by now the petitioner mayor ed lee to stop nap it's over on thousand snchdz and many comments. patrick kessler i was in san francisco and i spent my summer collecting boxes and the initiate it cutting down trees and closings trails and spraying areas of herbicides. it is not making sense. the concern is the health of people. it was - pier seafoods there are
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3 major problems trying to turn back the clock as indicated with the species and education efforts are expensive because plant keep come back and the education is established at the system and the plant need intensive care. when the blue barker - i love trees especially and i participated in the planting of native plants and this was a disaster please keep the efforts in our park beautiful and kay
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says the prelims is gone too far and not improving the status quo. i'm shocked at the number of healthy trees being cut down in grand canyon and many other - as a san francisco said there's areas i'm demanding a oversight now i'm opposed to kci terminal the trees of grand park cannon it's bad for the system and richard johnson i was one of the persons working on accident major plant in south of sutter park it was so unsuccessful. peter howard says the city is poisoning our environment and
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why is it this a good idea >> thank you very much. >> rachel i'm with the san francisco parks alliances i want to say it's nice to see additional investment in parks particle around park controls when we helped with the passing of the hoursz hours we heard we noted more participation commissioner bonilla i think that's identified as an area of need. i want to say our parks council have a conversation and again, the conversation was very supportive people were glad to see the additional resources but we all know it's not enough. so we want to help you make the case for the benefits of the
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parks in san francisco additional for the real investment that our city needs to make to continue to have the world-class packager system we have. i'm in support of this budget and we want to work in negotiations with the mayor's office and pledge our support >> thank you. thank you >> renée. >> i know the cards are not mandatory. i'm jeffrey i'm the president of the association. the budget for the tree maintenance. those of you who have been to south park understand the proximity of the trees to the park yourselves to the cars and so forth it's extremely dangerous situation when you get to priority tiger's the maintenance on the trees i hope
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we rise maybe not to the top but close to the top it's a public safety issue and something that can be addressed we are going to into go through hopefully, a complete renovation and addressing the trees but in american people intern it products a public issue. one of the issues we want to see that the loiter problem due to the smokers. people use the park as an ashtray if we could start krooilth people that's it that's not a public ashtray that was the intent of the no smoking i think it's lot lost on most of the patrons but when you start
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to prioritize i hope we rise close to the top of the list. thank you >> renée and a since this is a budget meeting i'm looking to free up some money and i'd take it out of nap for a lot of of the reasons accredited it's not popular because the herbicides and pest side and trail closures but that means that money can be freed up because maintenance is an issue and the safety and this gentleman touched on the trash cans i've about that fighting this on market street davidson to have the trash cans restored on saturday the teenagers trash the site and the next morning i
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end up picking up the trash and haul it down the mountain to my house. and that's i realize people aren't going to use it but people who clean up after you are. the nap thing is disturbing that's leave effort for the native plant people don't want to get rid of the plant that have nationalized they object to the fact it trails have been to closed the nap is for those natural plants they don't have the stage environment when they tloifrd and it should be recredit card and perhaps take
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it down and district money to all causes everybody seems to agree on. >> >> thank you. >> richard johnson please. >> i want to speak on the plant matter i worked for 8 years on plant and i'm proud of the work we did. our ene enemy was icing plant but acres and acres of it is much. we've down outstanding work on lands end in the plant we planted there and that we nurtured there. we had one disaster near central park we tried to put plant where
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they couldn't grow and learned a sad lessons from there. the eyes plant was the enar any when perfecting healthy trees are the enemy then the nacht plants to be do make sense. i hope the committee will recommend steps be taken to make sure that public money is not used to take down perfecting good trees. thank you. >> andrea. if there's anyone after andrea who wishes to speak can i get you to please stand up near the wall. >> i want to address this active
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living part of the budget. we don't have a p.s. a manager and the poor fellow who was taking over two pg a areas is worn out. so the whole idea of active living put on a van and tale to accountability neighborhood was something we took place. even when we found out our sunny side was going to be turned into something else. so the same thing with the sunny side conservative try it's the wedding chapel of the city we're doing our part to generate revenue. at sunny side park we have a
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ketchup even though off the boulevard thank you. and we have not been to do a event every weekend saturday and supped and 1e6r789s a day and permits for picnic tablsz and even though we're not one of the most of the needy people we have families and children who need some things brought to them. we will appreciate some of the money would be spreading spread to some of the families and children who don't access our parks they can't have a picnic because there's no table bring that to us and give the an opportunity to generate some
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goodwill and give us a little bit of our due. we agree about the park issue tell us what you need us to do thank you. thank you >> anyone else who wants to make any public comment? any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners i think we've been advised this budget is going to the mayor tomorrow. we need to act today >> moved and seconded. >> i want to say one i said like to remind the commission this is a budget to celebrate we've had four or five years of role
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difficult budgets and you know, i think rachel norton from the parks alliance let's not forget we have a long way to go but it's nice to talk about reinvestment and the priorities we're reinvesting in come from san francisco's that deprives we're proud of it so i wanted to remind you of that b.a. before you take this vote. i lastly want to thank our director of the commission i want to say we're extraordinarily lucky to have katie an incredible integrity you want that most which all in the director of finance
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administration i'll so proud of her leadership during our budget process >> well said we have a motion and second all in favor, say i. so moved. >> thank you katie. we're on frank square the shadow impact at the 436 katrero avenue
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>> herself good morning, commissioners the item before you is a proposed project and the evaluation of the shadow on franklin square. a quick overview of the analyze it was start 2, 3, 4 corporate k in 1984 it's called the sunlight ordinance to protect building from shadows. we use gowns in a 1989 memo adapt by the recreation and parks department to see how the shadows are determined by the criteria. the location of this park is and
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the building is in patrar it's franklin square park so it's to the east of the park it's 5.18 acres. it is has two different parcels there's a 4.4 acre and 4.8 in dpw jurisdiction were we you wanted this to reflect the shadow that impacts the land. since prop k analyze that on rp d property and not dpw property how have they were included in our packet and the recommendation to shift it but didn't alter the overall
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recommendations. i have my colleague here to talk about the details. good morning. i'm are the planning department staff. very briefly the katrero has many dwelling unit and commercial spates within a 9 story this located on 16 and 17 street between it's mid block. the project lies east of franklin square. give the difference in grade alone along katrero boulevard franklin square is thirty degrees above the sidewalk level of the project. the next steps would be going before the planning commission in the coming months once the recommendations have been made.
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that concludes my presentation >> thank you. >> on the analysis and show you some images of the showed from the proposed project. first we have the qualify active analyze it the shadow occurs between 10 o'clock and after the shadow analysis starts analyzing the effect of a shadow on a park it will be year-round from how soon six minutes so the average is half an hour. the greatest amount of shadow is under 10 sthous thousand shadow foot hours that's how a shadow is analyzed open the park and the largest footprint is 21
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thousand point 61 thousand square feet on the eastern edge of the park and covers a pedestrian path and a non-programmed open space. the gowns from the 189 memo for paradoxes with more than 4 acres and less than 25 percent shadow is permissible and franklin square is 4.41 acres and the exciting acres a 5.589 percent and the proposed conditions will increase the shadow lead to 5.89 percent. commissioner low you requested the one percent of the shadow load so this slide breakdown you can see the task the theoretical
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average shadow. this is the potential the total potential of the shadow if the park was completely shaded or the park sunlight those are the hours. and then one percent is 7 million. for the existing conditions the shadow has just under 40 million shadow foot hours. the proposed position would be just over 42 million. the percent of task under existing conditions it 5.8 percent and the proposed is the 5.89 percent. it's not clear on this but this image shows details of things in the park and in the center is
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the successor and off to the left children's playgrounds and that's south and a few affecting picnic tables arrest there have been a number 69 site velocities by our planning department and the staff during the time the shadows impacts the area. we've all seen successor games and runners and people lourng in the areas there are at the moment not too many successor games occasionally on the weekend but during the week maybe not so many. this is an image of the greatest shadow impact during the day
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under any circumstances it's in june. you can see how it passes through this park. this is the greatest square feet of the shadow impacting the park. also for public benefit and outreach the sponsor has been actively connected with the community we've received a number find comments opposing the project and in support. the project spokesperson has commented to a number of meetings one was scald because of rain but more scheduled they've committed a dedication of the a portion to franklin square. i'm available for any questions if you have any >> thank you. >> commissioners stacey i want
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to not under state the use of franklin field it's used frequently during the week i think for usf d successor. >> it's heavily used not so much in the morning. >> thank you. >> so we're going to start with any public comment? steve and others. to start, please >> good morning. i'm from the san francisco paperwork alliance we're with the franklin square because they couldn't be here today they submit a letter that document the outreach to the community and summarizes their position on the project.
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and so i'll just be speaking for them today has their fiscal sponsor the paperwork alliance has taken a formal position not so much. the group feels the benefits far out weigh the impact of the shadow arrest primarily they see the benefits of the project bringing now receipts and businesses into the area that will more fully activate the park. they have had great relations with the project developer as stacey mentioned has organized some volunteer clear up days and made a subsequential contribution with 50 thousands of capital improvement funds donated the funds group and hoa
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do you see that over the next 10 years will amount to over 2 had the $5 million that's a great model we'd love to see or joining nearby investments contributing to local parks as well. the reservation are primarily after the 10:00 a.m. when the shadow would impact the park and discussions about the dpw parcel the friends group doesn't have any committed plan for the parcel if so probably under dpws jurisdiction so wouldn't be effected by the shadow study for this particular project. in general i'd like to say that
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just some general comments about the pagers alliance with true mart we've had great success working on projects like franklin square and a dog patch background and the gateway project they've done a great job of outreach to the community making sure their informed of the plans coming up. with that, i'll conclude and the friends group urges you to support the project >> thank you. >> hayward. >> good morning, commissioners mommies is hayward wong i own the property at the 359 katrero's directly across from the proposed project. thank you thank you for the
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opportunity to speak in front of you today, i'm here to show my support for the proposed project at 346. the proposed project will improve safety and security and provide housing to the area. i encourage you to support this exciting and desirable investment thank you >> rudy. >> good morning, commissioners. thank you for letting me speak my apologize i'm a little bit in the evening i never get used to that. i'll do my best
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(laughter) >> so i'm rudy i'm the executive director of the alliance here in san francisco we've been serving and saving lives for 20 years some of the rough it community in san francisco and some of the poor itself in san francisco and we have a motto it takes a hood to save to a hoodie got there from katrina when i was in new orleans. some of the people from the hood are the worst people but they help us out. i generally strongly sport support, true more they've helped our community out. we created a program called the
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pathways had helped 50 kids presented local employment and educational opportunity for the kids it's been beneficial to work with them and the commitment and the realness i believe what they're doing is helping the community out so you know the 50 kids we started in 2013 and so i just want to say i support them and in full and appreciate what they do for the community. finally my last two point is one i know park and rec could be better >> a ringing enforcement. >> i appreciate all the stuff

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